China wants you to adopt their tech but will you?

The phrase made in China is often synonymous with kitchen ware and unreliable electronics and this is not very far from the truth as time and time again the Chinese have given us electronic products that are affordable and great to have for a while before they die or act funny. I have wealth of experience with this and so many other people will concur.

However in the past couple of years China has been trying to change the narrative by writing a new one. A Narrative of high end and high quality products that can contend with any other superior brands on the market.

The rise of Xiaomi’s smartphone division has been a great boost to the Chinese consumer tech image on the global scene. The company has put out lots of affordable and good quality smartphones that have stood out so much for their amazing features. Huawei revamped their smartphone design and are now giving companies like Samsung, Oppo and LG and run for their money. Later this year Huawei announced their laptop that was compared in the most part with the new Macbook. For a company like Huawei to be put side by side with Apple is no small feat.

Furthermore the Chinese have announced a new electric car called the Qiantu K50 that they say will be selling in the United states. Clearly the wins of change are sweeping through the Chinese technology landscape but the big question remains, will the rest of the world get on this trend?

If you have used a Chinese electronics product before and you liked it, would you be willing to grab another or if you were on the other end of the spectrum and did not like the product you used, would you be willing to take a chance on a high end higher priced Chinese product? This is something to think about because soon it will be something you actually have to make a decision on.


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