Advocacy for marketing… yup, it is possible!

Advocacy is a term that is for the most part associated with non-profits, Non-Governmental organizations or in some parts of the world demonstrations, strikes and human rights stuff in general. This notion even made the decision for the title of this article tricky but if you subscribe to the school of thought mentioned above let me clear the air right now and say this article is not about that kind of thing. Continue reading “Advocacy for marketing… yup, it is possible!”


Dear Foe, As I write this my heart bleeds and much as it hurts, I wish to tell you what has been on my mind for a while. I look back at the times we shared, when we would be merry together, go for rides to distant places. The times we sat around a table clearly determined to finish unmentionable amounts of pork. Those times when your problem was mine and mine was yours. Now I wonder what the hell happened. You call me names behind my back and slander my name amongst all your other friends. Do you still … Continue reading A LETTER TO MY ENEMY


The dreams of a young man or woman to make it big in life often start from emptiness. An empty wallet, empty room of residence and many times an empty stomach. When the hunger bites hard at your stomach walls, there is an attempt to mitigate the pain, you then channel the hunger from the stomach to the mind, not so that the hydrochloric acid can digest it but maybe, just maybe it could cook up at way to get you to a life of satisfaction, when you no longer have to look and pass by a KFC restaurant like … Continue reading MILLIONAIRE IN THE US DOLLAR


  Today I lost my smartphone. No, my smart phone got stolen. Not many can put in words the kind of depression you feel when you lose something you hold so dear to theft. If you have the remotest attachment to your gadgets then it shouldn’t be hard for you to imagine what it would be like to have it taken away from you. Amidst the heap of emotion, I remembered a little app I had installed on the phone while I still had it. It was made for such situations. It was called the anti-theft app. If you have … Continue reading SMART PHONE ON THE LOOSE