Choose your style: LG’s 65 inch Rollable TV or Samsung’s 219 inch TV

If you were looking for the best TV to have in your living room, the first parameter when choosing one would probably be flat screen and then followed by LED display. Other parameters would include brand and size. In 2019 however, there is a new parameter that you will have to consider and that is style

A TV is no loner just a box that you watch for entertainment, in 2019, it has become an accessory that not only provides entertainment, but also adds a to the look of your living room. Two of the biggest names in the TV industry took this notion up a notch, when they both announced their interpretation of style. LG and Samsung both unveiled their new Flagship TVs earlier this year at CES. LG showed off their rollable TV while Samsung displayed the hugest TV they have ever made.

The LG Rollable TV

Just as the name suggests, this TV rolls in and out of a box the same way you roll a scroll of paper. The TV is designed with foldable OLED glass screen that delivers a crystal clear image with bright colors, darker blacks and even greater contrasts. Supported by panels and a retraction mechanism that raises the screen to 65 inches of display of clear imagery. Powered by a motor you can choose just how high the TV rises to suit your view or style. The TV set also comes with an inbuilt home theater system featuring 2 sub woofers and 4 speakers powered by LG software which puts out a mind boggling sound. If you fancy having one of these, you would have to wait as LG has not mentioned how much these will cost but they have assured us all that they will go on sale this yeah. One can only guess that it will be expensive.

The LG Rollable TV. First impressions by MKBHD

Samsung’s 219 “The Wall” TV

Like their competitors, Samsung unveiled their latest TV. What they unveiled was a 219 inch television which they call “The Wall.” A name that is befitting for it’s appearance. If you thought a 100 inch screen they unveiled last year was big, this redefines big.You would have to wait until the Wall goes on sale to get your hands on one but, you will be glad to know that it comes with what Samsung are calling micro LED displays designed to provide a clear and bright image despite its enormous size. This is a giant flat screen TV that will fit on your wall and blend in with the environment.

Samsung’s 219 inch TV called the Wall. Photo by Shack news

Big screens seem to be the future of home entertainment, are you eager to replace you normal size TV for this behemoth or do you prefer to have a regular sized TV with the swag of the rollable TV?

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