Replacing the notch with a Punch hole

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest annual tech exhibition and is happening right now, this exhibition showcases the trends that tech companies will be following within the year and it is not limited to phones, no, CES covers all forms of electronics from home devices to cars, drones, submarines and gaming components.

CES is a chance for manufacturers to show off their strides in engineering and design. In the smartphone arena this year, the struggle is on to try and get rid of the notch that many a smartphone are adorning these days.

When the iPhone X was released, it featured an infinity display and a notch at the top to accommodate the phone receiver, some front facing sensors and camera while pushing the screen to the extreme edge of the phone. At its time it was a revolutionary design and many other phone manufacturers borrowed a leaf. However the notch soon went out of fashion and people wanted it gone.

The iPhone with a notch. Photo by Servify Guide

Companies like One Plus gave us the tear drop notch which was smaller and ate less of the screen, but even then, it was still an eye sore. Vivo then managed to get rid of the notch by having a motorized camera that would roll out from the back of the screen. This design did not catch on because a motorized compartment was not as reliable. Oppo then borrowed that idea and instead used a slider to conceal the camera and sensors but even that was not adopted widely.

Late in 2018 Samsung teased us with the Galaxy S10 with a new screen design that replaced the notch with a punch hole. The hole is meant to accommodate the front facing camera. Turns out that in 2019, this is becoming the new infinity screen design because more manufacturers are displaying prototypes at CES which feature this punch hole screen design.

The Punch Hole camera Photo by

This design has created mixed feelings among early adopters so far but we are yet to hear what the masses think about it when a phone actually launches with this punch hole design. What do you think of this punch hole design. Do you like it or not? Let me know in the comments.

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